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Saturday, October 15, 2005

NFL World Champion Tim "TMac" McKeyer Endorses ACT

"I have been taking ACT for 2 months now and my life has been changed forever.

I have sustained energy ALL DAY LONG and my friends cannot believe how energetic I "suddenly" became. I owe it all to ACT.

This energy drink will put all others to shame when it comes to sustained energy for the entire day.

Being a former NFL professional football player( 3 Championships ), can appreciate all that ACT has been doing for me, but I am also a single dad with the responsibility to keep up with 2 young boys and with ACT, not a problem at all. You moms will absolutely love it. So take it from me, Tim McKyer, a former 3 time NFL world champion, THIS STUFF WORKS...plain and simple, just try it and your life will be changed FOREVER.

Tim "TMac" McKyer"



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